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Services by WIKA
WIKA provides production services from A to Z for feature films, shorts, documentaries, series and TV programming. The company follows a strategy that differs from those common forms of film production and distribution. It helps aspiring talents to make their first projects believing in their youth and creativity.
Services include:
1.Helping projects to raise funds and find distribution
2.Getting involved in co-productions to carryout projects that match the company's vision
3.Producing and supervising projects

Dina Farouk, founder & owner of WIKA, is one of the major film editors in Egypt, and she has a long expertise in the field with a record full of successful contributions in pre-productions. Therefore, through the company's editing studios, WIKA provides a high quality film editing services.

Filmmaking Workshops
WIKA moderates workshops that aim to enhance the skills of young filmmakers in different fields such as raising funds and preparing the documentation required, or learning technical skills. WIKA aspires to support the cinema industry in Egypt and the Arab world by helping young filmmakers develop their stories and their scipts.