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WIKA for Film Production and Distribution
Owls have been long considered in the Egyptian culture a dark omen. That might be because these birds live in isolation away from humans. In other cultures owls are considered a wise creature, harmless and helpful at the same time.

The choice of the owl to be the logo of WIKA for Film Production and Distribution by Dina Farouk, founder & owner of the company, was not a chance. The choice was deliberately made because Dina wanted to draw an analogy between the features of the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology and WIKA.

Owls are sharp-sighted in low light conditions, can rotate theirs heads up to 270 degrees and their eyes are equipped with nerves that help to hear the lowest sounds. It also lives in isolated areas where no human beings usually go, and this is what WIKA is aiming to do in film industry in Egypt and the Arab world.

Since the very beginning, the company aims to delve into new areas in the Egyptian market, getting involved in new areas in cinema. Following a new equation far from the notion of poor quality and commercially successful films, and artistic works that have no audience. WIKA has always broken these taboos by producing high quality artistic productions and projects that attract the audience.

Merging production and creativity, which seem to some on the opposite sides of the spectrum, with a strongly balanced economic plan. The company targets the Egyptian and international film market, which is reflected in the choice of projects including feature films, shorts, documentaries and creative TV shows.

As for WIKA's mission in distribution, the company targets films that do not fit in the traditional film market; films that need alternative distribution channels to attract a wider and more diverse audience.