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Dina Farouk

About Dina Farouk
Few have the chance in the early stages of their career to collaborate with major filmmakers; however film editor Dina Farouk is one of those lucky few. After working as an assistant editor, she got the chance to work with one of Egypt’s most experienced film editors at the start of her career, working as an editor with director Samir Seif. Editing Maali Al Wazir (His Excellency the Minister) starring Ahmed Zaki.

It's said that a film gets directed for the second time in the editing studio, that's why directors search for a professional talented film editor who can get the job perfectly done. Dina Farouk has become in a short span of time one of the most remarkable names in film editing who are mostly sought by filmmakers and directors.

Dina started her career when she was studying at Video and Film Editing Department at the Higher Institute of Cinema, graduating in 1995. At that time (1993-2001) she worked as an assistant for renowned film editors such as Adel Mounir and Rashida Abdel Salam. The first film edited by Dina was "Maali El Wazir" (His Excellency the Minister) by director Samir Seif in 2002. Later, she collaborated with a number of extraordinary Egyptian filmmakers such as Mohamed Khan, Mohamed Abu Seif, Ossama Fawzi, Khaled Al Hagar, and Kamla Abu Zekri.

Dina has also collaborated with a number of independent filmmakers. Furthermore, she has edited a number of TV series such as "Al Gama'a" in 2010. Dina ventured into film production with her company WIKA for Film Production and Distribution, established in 2007, with the feature film debut Harag W’ Marag and in 2010.

The trust that directors had in Dina Farouk did not come from nothing. Her sleek and unique editing style is evident in her work. Her style was described as brilliant, maintaining the rhythm and flow of the film, keeping the audience engaged. That is why most of the films edited by her were commercial hits in cinemas and won numerous awards at regional and international film festivals.

'Harag w' Marag' - Special Jury Award at the 9th Dubai International Film Festival (2012)
'Fi Shakat Masr El Gedida' – the Egyptian National Film Festival Award (2007)
'Malik w' Ketaba' – the Egyptian Film Association Festival Award (2006)
'Banat West el Balad'- Pan-African Film Festival Award (2005)
'Banat West el Balad"-The 12th Egyptian National Film Festival Award (2005)
'Hob el Banat' –The 10th Egyptian National Film Festival Award (2003)
In 1995, Dina's graduation project, 'Bos Ma'a Elly Ganbk', received a special award for film editing from the Foreign Cultural Relations Center which is under the jurisdiction of Egypt's Ministry of Culture.