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The First Trailer and Characters' Posters for Harag W' Marag Released
Tuesday 14 May 2013:
IKA for Film Production and Distribution released the character posters and the teaser trailer for Harag W' Marag. WIKA's new production is to be released in Egyptian theaters on June 5th, 2013. Harag W' Marag is the feature directorial debut of Nadine Khan. Produced and edited by Dina Farouk with a story by Nadine Khan, adapted to a screenplay by Mohamed Nasser. ...Read More
50 % of Heat Wave Shooting Completed
Tuesday 14 May 2013
Director Mohamed Yassin announced that the new TV series, Heat Wave, has completed 50% of its shooting. Produced by WIKA for Film Production and Distribution, the new drama is planned to screen in Ramadan this year. WIKA has also announced the launch of an official Facebook page and website for Heat Wave www.wikafilm.com/heatwave ...Read More
Heat Wave's Cast Celebrates the Beginning of Shooting in a Press Conference
Tuesday 19 March 2013
The cast of Heat Wave celebrated the beginning of shooting the new TV series in a press conference held last Sunday in Al Ahram Studio. The event was attended by director Mohamed Yassin, producerDina Farouk, producer Fadi Ismael, screenplay editor Mariam Naoum and a number of the stars in the show ...Read More